Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent makeup is ideal for those who cannot wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies, or skin sensitivities; it also provides convenience and peace of mind for those who do not want to worry about smears and smudges during activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, camping, or gardening. Permanent makeup is especially beneficial to people with poor/diminishing eyesight, Alopecia, dexterity related issues or unsteady hands. Even if your goal is simply to be liberated from reapplying or refreshing makeup throughout the day, permanent cosmetics may be for you. To learn more, schedule a free consultation today!

What are permanent cosmetics?
Permanent cosmetics are specialized forms of tattooing. All new procedures are done in a series of 2 applications. The initial treatment takes approximately 2 hours and the follow-up visit takes approximately 1- 1 1/2 hours.

Is it painful?
It is possible that you may experience some discomfort. The level of discomfort varies according to each individual’s pain threshold. Topical anesthetics are used and the majority of patients are comfortable during the procedure.

How long will it last?
Many variables may affect the length of time that results last, such as skin type, sun exposure, and depth of color of the pigment applied. Generally, color boosts are needed around 5 years after the initial treatment.

Who benefits from these procedures?
Everyone can benefit from the convenience permanent cosmetics provides. Imagine camping, swimming or enjoying gardening without the worry of losing your eyebrows or smearing your eye makeup. For those with poor eyesight, shaky hands or allergies to cosmetics, permanent cosmetics is also of great benefit.

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